Sunday, December 14, 2008

Einstein.....His life and universe

In The Name of ALLAH

this title is for an audio book. this book narrates einstein life. i found this book beneficial for anyone who wants to know the life story of a scientist to take lessons from it, to know how he lived and suffered, what was the starting or the changing point of, i decided to listen to it and to write it on paper to be easly refered once needed.

The writing i made take the form of paragraphs......i may describe some of them,but in the general, iam copying the book entities only and not commenting on them at all

Einstein...........His life and universe

1- Einstein analysed light not as waves, but as a stream of very tiny particles called quantum.

2- Math is the language the nature uses to describe its wonders.

3- he visualizes what equations means in reality.

4- imagination is more importmant than knowledge.

5- His success came from conventional wisdom. عشان كده الاساسيات هيا اهم حاجه ولازم تبقي قوي فيها


6- he separated himself from childeren of the same age.

7- he liked complex structures.

8- he used to feel theories describes in numbers,vectors and tensors.

9- he took Violen music lessons and said: love is better teacher than feeling of duty at least for me.

10- he thought that clasical music expresses the beauty of the nature itself.

11- when he face a difficulty or a problem of thinking....he goes to music.

12- his relation to music(Motzart) was strong.

13- What he was impressed in the nature: magnetic fields,Gravity field, inertia and light beams.


14- He was so strong in mathematics......when a hournalist wrote " the scientist of mathematics failed in it" he laughed and said:" i never failed in mathematics,before i was 15, i would master differential and integral calcus". in the primary school he was the top of his class,ranked first,he was intellegent student. he was far away school requirements.

15- when he was 12, he was perfect in mathematics and wants to discover Geometry & Algebra on his own.

16- His parents puts him in textbooks in advance. he tried to prove the theories on his own. he spent days looking up for solution, non stop until finding it.

17- an engineer introduced him to the joy of algebra.

18- He said: Nature can be understood as relatively simple amthematical structures.

19- Einstein family hosts a young man when einstein was child. this man was a poor medical student and he never reades any literature he studied.......this man gave einstein Science books.

20- Einstein was eager to tie the nature forces all together.

21- Also,Einstein's friend completes his favor to him by providing him a textbooks in geometry & einstein named it: " the secrets of geomtry book".

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